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Valentine’s Day was last month and I made sure to partake in all the romance reeds that I could get my hands on! If love is still in the air for you, then here are a few of the Teen Romances I read last month.

Just a heads-up: you’ll need a box of tissues, your gay best friend, your big-girl (or big-boy) pants ready to speak-up, and your iTunes subscription handy for this list of must reads!

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Books About Love and Relationships

In honor of Valentine's Day - which is just around the corner - I have compiled a small list off books that I highly recommend for any couple. Whether you're dating or married; living on cloud nine or going through a rough patch; calling it quits or a perpetual honeymooner. Even if you're single and looking for love, the following list is a great little list for anyone to read!

Audio Book Extra

All the Ugly and Wonderful Things

by Bryn Greenwood

What is ugly and wonderful at the same time? I ran a short list of them in my head: Thunderstorms. Chemo. A tantrum throwing three -year-old. Love. Death. A book?I asked myself: could someone write a whole book on ugly and wonderful things? The answer is yes, and Bryn Greenwood did just that.