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Sanfu Fubar:

By Bob & Lynn Dixon


Publisher: Pocket Change Press
Publication Date: December 21, 2018
Genre: Adult Humor


Warning if you are offended easily, this is NOT the book for you. I repeat, NOT the book you are looking for. Put the book down, back away slowly, and run like hell.

Reading a book about two drunk superheros who have absolutely no super powers can lead to uncontrollable laughter; loud piggish snorting; loss of bladder control; wild rolling of eyes; repeated statements of, “Oh gawd;” and slight head shaking, wondering what the fuck you have gotten yourself into. The good news, however, is it will not cause you to have an erection, much less one lasting over 4 hours. So you will not need to call your doctor, although calling your friend to brag may be an option. But that is not to say that you will not need therapy after reading this book because, when Snafu Fubar: Nothing Heroic hit the book stores, people said, “You cant possibly get any worse. This is the most fucked up book ever.” From the depths of my creative subconscious, I smelled the whiff of a freshly lit cigar and heard Snafu Fubar: Soberphobics whisper oh, so lightly into the breeze...“You ain’t seen nothing yet. Hold my beer!”




Two heroes reside in the town of Lost Hope, Florida. They are not hard to find, nor would they choose to be. All you have to do is look just below the layer of dust that covers the city. Brush that aside so you can get a good view of the grit and grime that gives the town a glossy glow on those smoggy nights. Dig through the trash heaps and dive head first—without a snorkel—into the sewer. It is here, in the belly of excrement, that you find our champions of justice who protect their fair city from the clutches of evil. For, without fail, every night they put life and limb on the line as they patrol from the comfort of The Fucking Nuisance Cave. Beer in one hand, cigar in the other, they make certain that not a drop of the magical liquid is spilled, nor a cigar ever left burning in an ashtray. They ensure that the evil that wants to take over the city is stopped…as long as said evil brings the battle to them. After all, let’s be real…they’re too fucking lazy (and/or drunk) to go out and look for any real trouble.



Author Bio:

Bob Dixon is a two-time Guinness World Record holder for the World's Longest Cartoon Strip. He is the author and creator of a number of comic book titles for Pocket Change Comics, including Assassinette: The Mind Stalker, Psyco Duck, Jester's Dead, The Holy Knight, Riplash, Shadow Slasher, and Warzone 3719. Bob has written two children books, Rooty the Tree Troll and Holiday Bunny; two young adult books, Mouch and Company: The Dream Psychic and Rags and Ruins; An adult humor book Snafu Fubar : Nothing Heroic; and is the co-author of Will Jones' biography A Tough Call. Bob is also the Writer/Director of the movie Dr. Prozak's Office. Additionally, he is a certified special education teacher who works with children who have autism and intellectual delays.

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