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Jake’s Redemption
(The Angel Eyes Series Prequel)

By Jamie Schulz


Publication date: February 1st 2019
Genres: Adult, Romance, Science Fiction


In a broken world, he faced a future full of pain. 
Will one daring woman be his last chance for love… Before time runs out…

Jake longs for the life men lived before war destroyed everything and women enslaved them. When fate forces a temporary reprieve from imprisonment, escape becomes his primary objective. Until his new captor sparks hope, and something far more passionate, in his lonely heart.

After giving up on romance, Monica dedicated herself to sheltering unfortunate souls from a harsh new society. But then destiny delivered a desperate man to her doorstep. A man she soon discovers she cannot ignore and would do anything to save.

Will Monica be able to free Jake from the vicious woman who wants to break him? Or will Jake be forced to leave Monica behind to save himself?



She reached for him and he trembled, but he didn’t pull away. She cradled his hand between both of hers and looked up, her gold-flecked hazel eyes intent and sincere, as if about to make a solemn pledge.

“I wanted to thank you for trusting me. After everything you probably went through before coming here, I know talking about what Kristine did must’ve been hard for you. And after Darla the other day…” Her eyes dropped to their joined hands. When she looked up again there was sadness and determination in her gaze. “I just wanted you to know, I’m grateful for your faith in me and I’ll do my best not to let you down.”

He swallowed, hard, his eyes riveted on her face. His arm burned from her touch, and pleasant tingles prickled along his spine.

“I…appreciate that,” he said, squeezing her hand a little. She smiled and he responded, feeling lighter and stronger somehow. A sense of belonging washed over him, and he shivered slightly. He wanted to slide his hands over the soft skin of her arms, touch her sun-kissed cheek, run his fingers through her silky hair, but he only stared at her stupidly.

Will I ever be normal again?

Will I ever get to hold her?



Author Bio:

Jamie Schulz lives in the beautiful Pacific Northwest with her family, her husband, and their fur babies. Writing has always been a big a part of her life, and she hopes to one day reach the best sellers lists.

Cowboys, ice cream, and reading almost any kind of romance are among her (not so) secret loves. To her, every one of her stories, no matter how dark, must have a happy ending, and she strives to make them impossible to put down until you get there. 

She balances her free time between reading her favorite romance authors--in genres ranging from erotica and dark romance to sweet historicals and contemporary romance--and spending time with her family.

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