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Birds from Head to Tail

Written By Stacey Roderick
Illustrated by Kwanchai Moriya


Publisher: Kids Can Press
Publication Date: October 2, 2018
Genre: Children's Books, Picture Books, Animals & Nature, Birds
Age Range: 4-7 years
Grade Level: Preschool - Second Grade


In this fun informational picture book, children can test their knowledge of birds, one body part at a time. “What bird has eyes like this?” asks a spread showing a close-up illustration of the body part without revealing the rest of the bird's body. “A bald eagle!” answers the following spread, which features an illustration of the whole bird in its habitat, along with intriguing information about its unique body part and what makes it special. Eight birds in all are featured, along with another eight on an additional spread at the back of the book.

This entertaining addition to the popular Head to Tail series is a perfect for read-aloud. It features eight fascinating birds from around the world --- including the kiwi, blue-footed booby and arctic tern --- with an additional eight birds described and illustrated in the back matter.

Striking cut-paper collage illustrations by Kwanchai Moriya make the books in this series visual standouts and add to their appeal. With fun facts about each bird's special features, characteristics and habitat, this title has direct applications to the second-grade life science curriculum on the physical characteristics and habitats of living things. And the guessing game component offers a terrific opportunity for critical thinking and reasoning.



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Author Bio:



Stacey Roderick is a children's book editor and the author of Dinosaurs from Head to Tail, Ocean Animals from Head to Tail and Bugs from Head to Tail. She lives with her family in Toronto, Ontario.


Illustrator Bio:


Kwanchai Moriya is an illustrator and painter. He was born in New York and grew up in the suburbs of Chicago. He completed his education with a degree in History from the University of California and a degree in Illustration from the Art Center College of Design. Kwanchai lives and works in Los Angeles, California.

He has a passion for making fun illustrations, and has worked primarily in board games, card games and children's books. Kwanchai is also an avid painter, working mostly in acrylics with science fiction and fantasy themes. His other hobbies include making wood toys, playing board games and talking to his tortoise, Clementine.

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Guest Reviewer Bio:


Hello everyone! I am Laurel. My family consists of my husband, Vinny, our 5 year old son, J, and our 3 year old daughter, A. We recently adopted a white labradoodle puppy, Truman.

Weekdays you will find me at my sweet little elementary school where I am the librarian and computer teacher. Reading has always been my favorite hobby. I love to get away to places and times I have never experienced.

Even before we had children I loved children’s books. I was a classroom teacher for 5 years before switching to library media. I love when I can use a book to connect to a lesson or a situation in life. When Dani asked if I would be interested in reviewing some children’s books I jumped at the opportunity! 

Laurel's Review:

I was excited to check out Birds from Head to Tail this week as I love finding good nonfiction books for children! We found it quite fun to see the clue and try to guess which bird it could be.  I was really impressed that J was able to identify most of the birds. I thought there was a good mix of birds that children may have heard of before and a few birds that are not so common. We learned lots of great facts about birds. 

When choosing a nonfiction book for my library I am always on the lookout for a book that is full of facts, but not too wordy as children lose interest quickly. Birds from Head to Tail would be a perfect fit for my elementary library. The clues make it fun, there are plenty of facts, but it was still an easy read.

The illustrations in this text appear to be collage. They reminded me of an Eric Carle book. I think they worked really well for a children’s book even though my personal preference is to have photographs in nonfiction books. The details are realistic and fitting for a children’s nonfiction book. I think the students in my library would love to check this book out.

Laurel's Score out of 5: 📚📚📚📚📚


From one bookaholic to another, we hope we've helped you find your next fix.
—Dani & Laurel

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