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By Dimitris Chatzilias


Publication Date: May 28, 2017
Genre: Children (Ages 7-10), Animals & Nature


Lex decides to enter the forest for the first time and discover all the secrets that are hidden in it. Apart from new places, events and creatures, Lex, accompanied by his oak tree friend, explores personal limitations, causes of behaviors, interactions with the environment and people around him, the value of respect in these interactions and, most importantly, the meaning of freedom, which is the central subject of the book. Their roaming is a course towards adulthood and independence through questioning, healthy disobedience and critical thinking. Although the story gives the chance for a deeper level of interpretation for older children, it remains a fun and adventurous read for all ages. Without being heavy or instructional, the book's main goal is to trigger critical thought and constructive conversations; to let Lex's discoveries during his roaming be perceived in a free and personal way by each reader. To inspire children who are just taking their first steps in life with the joy of spreading their own wings and taking their future into their own hands, and also to remind older readers of the excitement of constant exploration, one of the most important ingredients in a joyful life.

Author Bio:

Dimitris Chatzilias is a multidisciplinary person, balancing a technical and artistic side. He has a master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering and in Human-Computer Interaction. He has worked in construction, finance, and in the arts/design sector and is currently working in IT.

Despite his mainly technical academic background, he has always practiced visual arts and music.

His creative nature combined with his love for literature and philosophy led him to release three music books and lately a children’s picture book called “Lex”.

The motivation behind his latest creative venture, is his love for nature and an aspiration for leaving a small positive imprint in the world, by encouraging critical thinking for the world’s future citizens.

He believes that juvenile literature and educational systems often underestimate children and deprive them of the mental challenges they deserve. He also thinks that philosophy should be part of everyone’s basic education and “Lex” is an attempt towards this.

Review & Wrap-Up:

Children's books are different kind of review all together. It's not a matter of was this book interesting and captivate your attention, but now you involve a child and what the book is teaching said child. Something that is a little difficult to do without an actual child. So for my Kids-Day Fri-Yay book review additions, I'm taking myself to the local library and sharing my books with the children and their parents to find their reactions. The following are some of their reactions:

"I love Lex. He got to play with the big pretty bird!" - Caitlynn, age 5
"The story of Lex was endearing. To read a book that was full of morals of love and the price of freedom to my child, to have her being taught these things at such a young age and her not realizing it because she's having fun reading the story, is a great book in my eyes!"  
- Mother of Caitlynn
"Lex was cool. I liked that he got to walk through the forest by himself and play with the animals. He also built things out of wood by himself which was cool too. My dad let's me help him build stuff sometimes in the garage."  - Jaxon, age 9
"The love of nature, learning how to take care of it, and applying that knowledge in Lex is wonderful. To begin teaching these morals to children at a young age will only help our planet survive the future." - No name given

I couldn't agree with these reviews more! The boy, Lex, is pretty cool getting to play with the animals, walk through the forest hand-in-hand with an Ent (a walking tree), and building rafts with the wood he chopped. But more than that, Lex is cool because he does learn the price of freedom, how to be kind to others even when they're not like you and a little scary, and the price of not protecting nature. He's a smart little boy that has a lot to share with the world, and your child!


From one bookaholic to another, I hope I’ve helped you find your next fix.

Dani's Score out of 5: 📚📚📚📚📚

Start a conversation: How do you teach your child/children? Do you use books to help them learn? Do you lead my example? Or use the hope and pray approach? 😄

Have a book you’d like to suggest or one you’d like me to review? Please feel free to leave your comments down below.

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