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The Kentucky Cure

By Julieann Dove


Publication Date: September 13, 2017
Genre: Adult, Contemporary, Romance


Elise Newton is your classic non-committer. Although this time…this guy, Darren Masterson is giving her a run on her oath to staying single forever. After all, that’s how her mother raised her–never let your guard down and get sucked into forever. Before she has to decide what to do, she gets called home to take care of her mom, fresh out of foot surgery. While in Kentucky, she runs into Ben, her first love–the one who almost lassoed her with a ring and an ‘I do’ twelve years ago. 

Follow Elise’s journey to understanding why she can’t commit, and you’ll discover the one she can’t live without.




Author Bio:

Julieann lives in Virginia, yet longs to live everywhere else. It doesn’t come as a surprise that along with her gypsy soul, comes an active imagination. That’s why she loves to write and invent worlds and people, so that she can formulate their happily ever after. Hobbies include cooking new recipes, sewing, and spending time with her cute boyfriend/husband and five fabulous children. Vacations happen in Nantucket or the Carolina beaches—anywhere there is inspiration for her next book. One day she hopes to travel to Italy, drive one of those little cars around the countryside, and speak the language fluently!

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Review & Wrap-Up:

Talk about love triangles, family drama, and a girl with a serious commitment phobia! Whoa! 

This was a super cute and fast read that was completely relatable. I loved the sassy and quick-whit of Elise and the narrator. One of my favorite scenes in the book is the following:

     "I'm not going to mention anything about the white elephant that is sitting with us at the table tonight," Darren said halfheartedly.
     "Who invited him, anyway?" Elise swallowed more of her wine before setting the glass down on the perfectly white linen cloth.
     "I certainly didn't. I wish he would just take a hint and go away."
     Elise offered a look of sympathy, regretting how fast their relationship had sunk into the abyss of dejection. Another poor soul just waiting for the gravestone marker. "I'm sorry, Darren."
     "I never wanted to screw things up with you, Elise. I wish I'd never suggested moving in together." His lips said it, but she doubted it was true. He only regretted her reaction.
     "I guess the only way to get the elephant to leave is to talk it away. Do you want to?" Oh, Lord, what did she just say? What was in this wine, anyway? Truth serum? Did he lace it before they arrived? The waiter seemed to have a code look with Darren as he was pouring it. Stop talking, dumb girl. Leave i alone. Elephants don't take up that much space. Learn to live with the lovely two-ton creature."

  This quote is rather early in the book, and the sass and whit continues like this throughout. I was super happy to find that it didn't slowly peter out like it does with some writers. Dove did a great job with that, and I'm sure that my path were to ever cross with her's, I'd find that she probably has some of this sass and whit herself.

The Kentucky Cure is one for the Hallmark Channel. I could totally see this one being made into a movie for the sappy romantics who watch the channel (another scenario Dove nails on the head).

While I really enjoyed it, I hated the ending. I won't give anything away, but I felt like it ended too soon, and I don't mean that in a way of that I just wanted more, I mean that because the ending was just too easy. I remember looking at how much was left at 97% (because I read this one on my Kindle) and thinking to myself there is way too much that still has to happen in 3%. And I was right, but it all happened. The ending was too rushed. It felt like Dove's deadline had snuck up one her and she just quickly jotted down the ending without putting the effort into it. Had the book ended with the proper effort, I think the book and story had a great ending spot to feel satisfied with it to be able to move on to something else. 

Overall, I enjoyed The Kentucky Cure. I won't let the quick ending get to me too much, and will often think about the lovable two-ton creature in the room.


From one bookaholic to another, I hope I’ve helped you find your next fix.

Dani's Score out of 5: 📚📚📚📚

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