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Sleep, Sheep!

Written By Kerry Lyn Sparrow
Illustrations by Guillaume Perreault


Publisher: Kids Can Press
Publication Date: October 2, 2018
Genre: Children's Picture Book, Delay Tactics, Bedtime
Age Range/Grade Level: 4-7 years/Preschool - Second Grade


There are lots of things Duncan likes about bedtime --- the stories, the pajamas, the bubblegum-flavored toothpaste ... The only thing he doesn't like is going to sleep. And he'll do anything he can to avoid it. Until one day, Duncan's mom has had enough of his stalling. “Try counting sheep,” she tells him. So, he does. At first, it's kind of fun. As he counts, each sheep appears, wearing its number like a race car, and leaps over the bed. But then comes Sheep #68, who hesitates. He needs a drink of water before he can jump. Then he has to go to the bathroom. Then he wants to put on running shoes. Will Sheep #68 ever do what he's supposed to?

Kerry Lyn Sparrow's hilarious picture book story offers a new take on a universal experience. Using delaying tactics to avoid going to sleep at bedtime is a common routine for young children, and they'll love the sly humor when Duncan's own tricks get turned on him by the (“sheepish”) sheep.

In subtle colors with lots of telling details, Guillaume Perreault's illustrations bring Duncan's bedtime rituals and his unexpected sheep guests humorously to life. This book makes a fantastic, funny read-aloud, appealing to both children and adults.



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Author Bio:


Kerry is an elementary school teacher who lives on a farm in Antrim (blink and you'll miss it!) in the Ottawa Valley with her husband, Neil, their two young boys, Robert and Ole, and their dog, Lily. A city girl most of her life, she has grown to love muddy creeks, rogue cows and, yes, even John Deere tractors.

Sleep, Sheep! is Kerry's first published book. She wrote the first draft of it in 2011, when she was teaching an amazing group of grade-four students in Arnprior. The class, teacher included, would write for ten minutes a day about whatever topic inspired them in whichever form they chose. Between the poems, letters and newscasts the students came up with each day, Sleep, Sheep! was born.

Kerry's mom was the first to read Sleep, Sheep!, shortly before she passed away in 2014. Inspired by her mom's faith in her ability as a writer, Kerry decided to submit her manuscript to a publisher. On a cold winter day, ice-skating with the kids in the barn (yes, the barn!), she got an email from Kids Can Press that began a new adventure for her as a published author.


Illustrator Bio:


A graphic designer by training and a native of Rimouski, Guillaume now works as a freelance illustrator and author.

His techniques vary according to his projects, but the balance, the contrast and the humor are elements present in all his works.

Youth publishing is his main niche, but he also touches on the exhibition, collectives, collaborations and is currently working on adult graphic novels.


Guest Reviewer Bio:


Hello everyone! I am Laurel. My family consists of my husband, Vinny, our 5 year old son, J, and our 3 year old daughter, A. We recently adopted a white labradoodle puppy, Truman.

Weekdays you will find me at my sweet little elementary school where I am the librarian and computer teacher. Reading has always been my favorite hobby. I love to get away to places and times I have never experienced.

Even before we had children I loved children’s books. I was a classroom teacher for 5 years before switching to library media. I love when I can use a book to connect to a lesson or a situation in life. When Dani asked if I would be interested in reviewing some children’s books I jumped at the opportunity! 

Laurel's Review:

This fantastic story about counting sheep at bedtime was a hit with our 5 year old, J. His favorite part was when the mother prepares the boy’s room with everything he may possibly need for bedtime. We have finally reached the place where bedtime is enjoyable with J. The struggle is still very real with our 3 year old though. She is very much like the little boy in this book, except our process often involves tears. When the mother suggests to the little boy that he count sheep I asked J if he knew what that was. He said he saw it on a show once but he didn’t know why you do that. I believe the book did a great job of connecting the idea of counting sheep for sleep and illustrating the concept. When we got to the part where sheep number 68 is hesitating to jump I asked J if this sheep reminded him of anyone else. He was able to identify that the sheep was like the boy avoiding sleep. 

As a librarian I think this book would be a great checkout book. The illustrations are cute and the story is fun. I think my elementary students would love it. It does not jump out to me as a story I would utilize for a lesson and I can not think of any connections I could recommend to my classroom teachers to use it for.

Sleep, Sheep! is a great bedtime story!

Laurel's Score out of 5: 📚📚📚📚📚


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