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The Hawks

By S.D. Hendrickson


Publication Date: July 26 2018
Genre: Romantic Suspense, Family Drama, New Adult


He warned me. Said hawks were dangerous birds. Their majestic beauty could blind your eyes as they picked the flesh from your bones.

But even hawks have enemies. And they eventually came for the Hawthorn family. Held us hostage. Demanded retribution.

But I wasn’t a Hawthorn. No, I was just the help. Caught in the turmoil of a tragic family. I worked hard for Delsey Hawthorn. Tried to earn the respect of the reigning tyrant. Assistant. Event planner. Gardner. Chauffeur. I added it all to my resume.

And then I met Javier Hawthorn. Delsey ordered me to stay away from her grandson. But like a moth to a burning flame, I gravitated toward him. He was so different than my world. Irresistible. Charming. He brought a calmness to the chaos.

But that was before the intruders came into the house. Tied us up. Hurt us. We struggled to get away. We fought to survive.

But who were the men behind the masks? Did we know them? Because someone who got this close to the family at night must be even closer during the day.



My captor fidgeted around, shifting his weight from one boot to the other. He pulled the red bow tie loose from the collar of the white shirt, revealing his neck.

That was it. The opportunity.

I ran my tongue over my cut lip as the adrenaline pumped through my blood. I would need to go for the neck. Jab the blade in. Maybe it would slide through the delicate tissue of his throat. I would maim the guy and take his gun. 

No! I had to try harder. Panic simmered in my chest. I had to kill him. Kill or be killed. This wasn’t me. But sometimes we had to become someone else in order to survive. 

I could do this.

I would do this.


I grabbed the letter opener and lunged at the man. I wanted to put everything I had into my one opportunity. My fingers held tight and I swung the blade toward his neck. But the man deflected my attack with his wide arm, shoving my body away. I fell sideways, landing on my back against the floor. I gasped for air as the wind got knocked out of my lungs. 

But I couldn’t remain in place. 

I had to fight. 


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Author Bio:

SD Hendrickson received a Bachelor's of Science in Journalism and Public Relations from Oklahoma State University. She is the author of The Mason List, Waiting for Wyatt, and My Lucky Days.

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Review & Wrap-Up:

I really enjoyed the characters in The Hawks. Delsey Hawthorn is exactly what you would picture a rich, old biddy to be. She pretentious, rude, and holier than thou. SD Hendrickson's description of her is spot on! And I loved Javier Hawthorn! (But I am a little biased when it comes to a Spanish hottie being the main squeeze, seeing how I have my own at home! 😉)

On top of that, the family drama that ensues throughout the book is spot on for someone as pretentious as Delsey and someone as caring as Javier. Hendrickson nailed these characters and really painted a picture of their crazy messed-up relationship!

"But hate lived on a fine line that blurred into love, creating a passionate feeling, hovering just on both sides of the equation. Javier loved his grandmother just as much as he hated her."

Hendrickson also executed the ending perfectly! I thought I knew where the train is heading when it all of a sudden derailed me with a twist of events!

SD Hendrickson's The Hawks is a kind of romance I could get into! Not only is there this sweet and sexy side, but the suspense/thriller side has you holding on for dear life as you plow through the pages! From the first paragraph I was hooked!

"The ballroom doors crashed open, causing the gold handles to bang against the antique walls. I flinched at the sound as a strange man appeared in front of us — a strange man with a gun. Confusion made the world move in slow motion as fear crawled under my skin."

If you're seeking a read with suspense and thrills to go along with your romance and sex, then make sure to check out The Hawks by SD Hendrickson! It won't disappoint!


From one bookaholic to another, I hope I’ve helped you find your next fix.

Dani's Score out of 5: 📚📚📚📚 🔖


(A bookmark:🔖, is a half a stack of books. i.e: 📚📚🔖 = a score of 2.5) 

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