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NEW RELEASE! - Reclaimed by the Pack

Reclaimed by the Pack
(Broken Ladder Wolf-Shifters #3)

By Dizzy Hooper


Publication date: July 19th 2018
Genres: Adult, Paranormal, Romance


When my father cast me out of our pack, I left everything and everyone I ever loved behind. Lucky for me, I was taken in by three red hot shifter males. They’ve made me their mate, and now I’m pregnant with their babies.

My mates see to my every need, pampering me and loving me. They make sure I never want for anything—especially in the bedroom. I should be blissfully happy.

So why can’t I shake the feeling that something is missing?

With our family ready to grow, it’s time to trust these males with my grief as well as my bliss. At their insistence, we journey back to my ancestral home to confront my father.

But his cruel new mate is more formidable of an enemy than I anticipated. She’s poisoned my father against me, and she’ll stop at nothing to cement her position at his side.

When she threatens everything I hold dear, I hit a breaking point. My mates and I didn’t come here for a fight, but we won’t hesitate to finish one.

With these protective males at my side and my family on the line, I make a desperate gamble to reclaim my history, my pack…and my life.



It's been months since I gave my wolf free reign. She's eager and ready, tired of being caged up. Yet it still takes a moment to summon her to the surface.

And then it happens all at once.

I scream as my bones twist and break. Deep in my abdomen and in that cracked-open place between my legs, flesh and muscle rearrange. The dull ache and sharp pains left over from giving birth disappear. Fur bursts through my skin, my hands and feet morphing, my snout extending.

The scream cuts off.

My wolf lands on her feet, joyful and triumphant. We raise our muzzle to the sky and howl, loud enough to shake the earth.

And our mates are there. Grady's enormous silver wolf explodes into the air and tackles me. We go down to the ground, baring our throat, and the scrape of teeth there send thrills of desire and happiness and pack coursing through us.

Colt's big black wolf and Landen's loping blond one circle around us. Our alpha rises, giving them room to nose their way in. Landen licks at our muzzle, while Colt rubs himself all against our side, and it's like a homecoming. My wolf keens with delight.

These past few months, I've been bound to my human form. My wolf is fiercely protective of our pups. She would never do anything to endanger them. She's remained patiently bound within me.

But she's been stalking the edges of her metaphorical cage, counting the days until she could take over, and I realize now that it wasn't just her desire for freedom.

She missed her mates. She longed for their soft fur against hers, for their animal scent and the sharpness of their fangs.

She wanted to run.

So that's what we do.

My wolf and I dance out from beneath our mates. With a backward glance, we make sure they're with us.

Then we take off.

Christ, it feels amazing.

The dirt and pine smell just the way we remembered. These grounds are as familiar as an old, perfectly broken in pair of shoes. Our mates' scents laid over the scents of the forest only make it all better.

The miles disappear beneath our paws. Our mates keep pace, darting ahead now and then only to circle back. They find ways to rub up against us, to nip at our heels, and every press of their hot flanks to ours just adds to the thrill of the chase.

For the thousandth time, gratitude swamps me. I may regret the time I lost with my father and the pain he endured at Katarina's hands, but if I hadn't been cast out, I would never have met my mates. I would never have fallen in love or submitted to the perfect protection of their pack bond. I wouldn't have been bred. I wouldn't be a mother.

A pang squeezes our heart at the thought of our pups, but we push it away. They're safe and cared for and we need this.

And we need a hell of a lot more.

The deep longing to connect with our mates grows and grows. I don't feel sexual desire the same way in my wolf form as I do in my human one, but the signs of arousal are all there. Our breath races, our heart pounds. Every brush of our mates' big lupine bodies against ours makes the heat in our blood burn hotter.

We want to roll over. We want their teeth in our flesh, their hot cocks deep inside. We want to taste and lick and take, to lie down on this very ground and present for mating, to receive them over and over and over—

But I want something else even more desperately.

So we run.



Author Bio:

Dizzy Hooper is the pen name of an internationally published author who loves hot guys, cold drinks, and books that make you feel warm in all the right places. If you're looking for a short, sexy read with just that little something extra -- and a guaranteed happy ending, look no further.

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