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NEW RELEASE! - Enticed & Seduced

Enticed & Seduced

By Shelley Munro


Publication date: July 19th 2018
Genres: Adult, Paranormal, Romance


Some days, getting out of bed is a mistake…

Kaya Ignatius loves her job, working as part of the Indefatigable crew. But this isn’t a normal morning. Gryffnn Drake, a hunky dragon shifter, has a problem with another clan and wants her to act as his betrothed. It’s a chance to smash a dry spell and help the man who has become a good friend. After all, what’s not to like about steamy sexual encounters?

But everything after that is downhill.

She’s slimed by a stinky plant, her brother arrives with bad news and dumps a huge, scary responsibility in her lap. Suddenly, her life is full of drama and nasty surprises.

Gryffnn has always lusted after Kaya, but she only saw his older brother. Now things have changed, and he has a plan to capture the sassy Kaya and woo her to his way of thinking. A move by an opposition clan forces him to escalate his romantic plan. Things proceed well until the past struts in to say hello and creates havoc with his love life and his dragon clan.

Never mind bed, Gryffnn and Kaya are too busy putting out dangerous fires and trying to stay alive to worry about the future… 



On the bridge, Ry and Kaya scanned the instruments.

“Anything look familiar to you?” Ry asked in a low voice.

“No, but we have a secret weapon. I figure we can comm Nanu and show him the controls.”

“They should be almost ready to leave Viros, if they haven’t left already,” Ry said.

“Well, we need to do something. I thought it would be easy to steal their ship, but I’ve seen nothing with this tech.” Kaya commed Nanu and switched to visual.

“What?” a grumpy voice demanded.

Kaya’s eyes widened at the way his hair tendrils swayed around his head. Then, she took in his naked chest. “Sorry, did I interrupt something?”

“Yes,” Nanu said. “My sexy dream about Jazen.”

“Sorry,” Kaya said. “We have a problem. We’re on a ship and want to steal it, but the controls aren’t familiar. Ry and I need you to talk us through takeoff—at least until we can familiarize ourselves with the controls.”

“Show me,” Nanu ordered.

Kaya pointed her comm at the various instrument panels.

“Why are you stealing a ship? No, wait. I’m sure you have a good reason,” Nanu murmured, his tone a little absent. “There don’t seem to be controls. Maybe it’s voice activated?”

“Coded to a certain pilot?” Ry asked.

“That wouldn’t make sense. I’m sure there is a safety control so the ship won’t fly for anyone. It might be as simple as whoever sits in the pilot seat controls the ship.”

“Which one is the pilot’s seat?” Kaya asked.

Ry shrugged. “Let’s both try and see what happens. Controls on.”

Kaya ran through the launch sequence they used on the Indy. Nanu always made sure his passengers strapped in for safety. Aideen didn’t care about her people. She used them. She hadn’t had a problem murdering her own sister.

“Commencing launch sequence,” Kaya said.

Lights sprang to life on the control consol.

“Whoa,” Nanu said. “I can’t wait to check out these ships. See you soon.”

“You are not the usual pilot,” a masculine voice boomed.

Startled, Kaya glanced around the bridge. Ry shrugged, so she went with instinct. “Trainee pilot, Kaya.”

“Another one.” The masculine voice sounded disapproving.

“I am ready to learn,” Kaya said. “What is your name?”

There was a pause. “No one has asked me that before. My name is Solon. It means wise one.”

Kaya and Ry exchanged another speaking glance.

“Solon, my orders are to take off under blacklight conditions and to fly over the mountain range.” She remembered Ransom and added, “At a high altitude before landing on the far side. What procedures should I undertake?”

“Flick the two buttons beneath the armrests on your chair.” Solon sounded bored.

Kaya fumbled for the buttons and discovered two raised nubs. She pushed both at the same time.

“Take off procedures initiated,” Solon said. “Should I follow my last flight path?”

“Yes, please,” Kaya agreed. She held her breath while the ship rumbled to life.

“Would you like me to give you verbal control for future flights?”

“Is this common?” Kaya asked. It was a little weird discussing procedure with the ship.

“Normally, I bond with one pilot. My previous pilots have died,” Solon said.

“How do you know this?” Kaya asked.

“I ask. Where is my previous pilot?”

“I am the trainee pilot. No one has informed me of a death. My boss ordered me to learn to fly this ship.” Kaya held her breath, hoping that the intelligent ship didn’t boot her out of the driver’s seat.

“Two pilots,” the ship said. “I could choose my favorite.”

Kaya gulped. “Can we take off please?”

“State your order,” Solon boomed.

“Ready for takeoff,” Kaya snapped out. She could do firm and assertive.

The ship’s thrusters powered up.

“I love this new technology,” Nanu said and envy sounded in his voice. “Is the ship as quiet as it seems?”

“Yes. We’re flying to meet Ellard,” Ry said. “I’m not sure whether we’ll unload and return the ship or stay with Ellard. We’re winging it at present. You’ll be able to check out the ships when you arrive. Aideen has several.”

“I can’t wait. Now that Kaya has control, you’ll be fine,” Nanu said. “See you soon.”

“Lift off,” Kaya said, continuing to go with whatever seemed logical.

“You are better than the other pilots,” Solon stated. “You give precise orders. Your body temperature is reading normal. You’re not sweating on my seats.”

“Ah, thank you,” Kaya said. It was the lack of information—or consequences—that had her calm. She didn’t know enough to fear the outcome of this flight.




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Author Bio:

USA Today bestselling author Shelley Munro lives in Auckland, the City of Sails, with her husband and a cheeky Jack Russell/mystery breed puppy.

Typical New Zealanders, Shelley and her husband left home for their big OE soon after they married (translation of New Zealand speak – big overseas experience). A twelve month long adventure lengthened to six years of roaming the world. Enduring memories include being almost sat on by a mountain gorilla in Rwanda, lazing on white sandy beaches in India, whale watching in Alaska, searching for leprechauns in Ireland, and dealing with ghosts in an English pub.

While travel is still a big attraction, these days Shelley is most likely found in front of her computer following another love – that of writing paranormal and contemporary stories of romance and adventure. Other interests include watching rugby (strictly for research purposes), cycling, baking bread and curling up with an enjoyable book.

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