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NEW RELEASE! - Hands of Colossus

NEW RELEASE! - Hands of Colossus

Hands of the Colossus:
A Steampunk Space Opera Adventure
(A Holly Drake Job, #2) 

By Nicole Grotepas 


Publication date: May 31st 2018
Genres: Adult, Science Fiction, Steampunk

The Synopsis:

One massive shadow organization. One bad ass heroine.

Holly Drake just wants a simple thing–to destroy the Shadow Coalition and the evil at the heart of their business. Using tip-offs from the secretive government official pulling her strings, Holly and her crew swoop in, break up the cash drops and steal the money. If one or two baddies die on accident, no big loss. Right? Holly could do this forever, picking the Coalition apart till not even bones remain.

Until someone goes missing. In that moment, everything changes.

To save the victim, Holly and her team will put everything on the line to penetrate the mysterious Shadow Coalition and stab at their enigmatic leadership: the Hands who protect the Heart. Treacherous journeys across the 6-moon system in space-zeppelins, dangerous infiltrations of the Coalition, bartering with thieves, and relying on the seedy underbelly of the 6-moons. Anything it takes. 

But … is the whole set up a trap? How many snares will Holly and her crew have to spring to the save just one victim?

This is Holly Drake and her crew of thieves. If they have to, they’ll go into the hornet’s nest to get the job done. But will it be their final job? 

The Hands of the Colossus features a snarky, strong, bad ass heroine fighting against the odds to save the helpless.

If you don’t like seeing a woman experience self-doubt, overcome obstacles, and then dominate, this book is not for you.

Love strong female leads, an entertaining cast of characters, and adventure? Then grab your copy today!

Author History:

Nicole Grotepas is passionate about human rights, animal rights, and living life with no regrets. She loves how becoming a parent has deepened her devotion to making the world a better place. She does that best by crafting stories that attempt to answer hard questions--the ones she thinks about most - while also being entertaining and fun.

She lives in a landscape that reminds her of her place in the universe, under an endless sky and towering mountains that are older than human memory, and she loves it there.

Purchase & Review Info:

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