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NEW RELEASE! - Dating Rules

NEW RELEASE! - Dating Rules

Dating Rules

By Keeley Holmes


A brand new Romantic Comedy comes out today, May 29th! Check out Dating Rules  by Keeley Holmes for Izzy's rules of dating and see if they help you feel something you've never felt before!

The Synopsis:

Losing control is not an option for Izzy Shaw, something past experience has taught her. When you’re not in control, bad things happen. So when Parker Cole comes bustling into her life with his carefree manner, no full time job and his terrible Hawaiian shirts, she knows she should stay away.

For Parker, seeing Izzy at Penelope’s wedding stirred something in him. Izzy intrigues him. She’s attracted to him but she holds back and she doesn’t realise he sees this as a challenge. Usually when he wants something, he goes for it.

For Izzy, being attracted to a man and allowing herself to act upon it is defined by her rules. She lives by her rules, they protect her…
Parker is a rule breaker.

Over the course of 10 dates Parker has to persuade Izzy that he’s worth the risk, he has to persuade her that sometimes life doesn’t have to be all about rules, sometimes you have to walk on the edge to really appreciate living…

He will prove this to her, one date at a time.

Author History:

Keeley Holmes has loved reading and writing since before she can remember. It's always been a passion of hers to write for people and for them to enjoy her work.

She's currently writing her way through an adult series and thinking about what she can do for the Young Adult/New Adult scene. There's always ideas floating around in her head.

When she's not writing, she's reading or watching films and enjoying time with her boyfriend, little dog and family.

Purchase & Review Info:

Wanting to purchase Dating Rules You can purchase it now on Amazon or with Kobo!

Wanting to read more about Dating Rules? Check out Goodreads for more info and fellow reader reviews!

You can also follow Keeley Holmes on Facebook, Goodreads, and Twitter!

Also, enter to win a signed copy of Dating Rules, a Dating Rules magnet, and a microphone necklace by clicking below!


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