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Up All Night’s
Forbidden Fruit: The Soul Seeker

By Sean Allen Poe


Publication Date: April 4, 2018
Genre: Adult, Mystery, Thriller, Crime Fiction, Science Fiction


This is a murder mystery that is set in the hills of California. A detective named Andrew is investigating the murder of a fortune 500 mogul named Thomas Rover. The case takes a twist when a young and beautiful woman named Dominance comes into play, she is the main suspect in the murder. She turns out to be more than a suspect, she is a Soul Seeker. Follow Andrew as he tries not to fall into a web of lies, deceit and death.


Up All Night
By Timothy Lasiter

The “Up All Night” series is a project that has 13 stories that are based on science fiction. The genres range from pure science fiction to horror stories.

Cadillac Cabin - This is a story of a man named Phil that takes a well needed vacation to a haunted cabin in Cadillac Michigan. When he arrives, he finds creatures that are out to kill him.

Reflection - A 12-year-old girl named Taylor has an evil twin that lives in a mirror in her room. This doppelganger comes from the mirror and torments her family.

Blood of my Blood - A 300-year-old vampire named Christian is in modern day times. He is accompanied by his 2 female understudies that are also vampires. An evil Queen named Noir is out to build his empire or destroy him.

Tomorrow Never Comes - Dan is a relics hunter that has found a sundial from ancient Egypt. Natives of Egypt warn him to return the piece or he will be cursed. He keeps the piece and is stuck in a time warp that keeps repeating itself. His wife and daughter are killed in an accident, this is the day that he is stuck in.

13 - A serial killer is on the loose in the streets of Liberty City. A detective named Marcus is on the hunt for him. Along the way he is met by the C.I.A who has ties with the serial killer but doesn’t want the public to find out.


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Author Bio:

Timothy Lasiter is the owner of a company named, Dream Catcher Publishing House as well as a published author of 7 books. He has a pen name of Sean Allen Poe, and Oteana Harris as well as other writers that are signed to his publishing house. His specialty genre is science fiction, but he can also write horror and other genres. He currently has 1 completed novel titled “The Boogeyman.”

His stories explore everything from vampires, monsters, to a little girl stuck in a mirror.  He has a vision for a TV series named "Up All Night," which can rival the "Twilight Zone" series from the 1950s. He now has in his possession, 13 short stories that could be easily be turned into 30-minute episodes.

He is also writing a script that is a docudrama, that is centered around the ancient Egyptians called "KUSH" the 25th Dynasty. This story needs to be told and it does not have a rival in this field.  

He has sold ebooks and hard copies of all his works, but now he is looking for the help of professionals to assist in reaching an upper level.

He now has over 400 downloads of his ebooks on Smashwords and all ebooks are currently for sale on Barnes and Noble, Amazon, Ibooks, and Kobo.

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Review & Wrap-Up:

 I love when Indie authors come to me, asking for a review or a blurb! It not only makes my day, but makes me excited to help get their names and works out there for others to enjoy as well! So when Timothy Lasiter came to me, asking for my review, I was elated for the chance!

Timothy sent me a copy of Forbidden Fruit, one of the short stories in his Up All Night collection. When I began reading it I didn’t realize that it was a short story. I wish I would have realized a little earlier in the process so that I could have requested a couple more short stories from Timothy to have more to go on for my review when it comes to his works in general. However, I did find Forbidden Fruit to be an enjoyable read all on its own.

I did find the story to be a little jumpy at times. You know when you watch a movie and can obviously tell that the scene was shot multiple times because a prop is clearly there in one frame, but not there in the next, this is the feeling I got several times while reading the story. I had to go back several times and make sure I was on the same page as the author.

Jumpy timeline/actions aside, the story itself was intriguing. There is definitely a mysteriousness to it that your brain is trying to process: who is this mistress; why are we focusing solely on her; what is this power that she seems to hold over everyone? All of these questions are present and keep you guessing all the way to the end!

Speaking of the end (without giving anything away), I think it’s a little unfinished. There is still an edge of mystery to it, which I like, but the ending feels more like the end of a chapter in a book rather than the ending of a story. I would like there to be a bit more polishing and finishing on this ending so it feels more like a cliff hanger rather than a guillotine.

Overall, I think if some editing were done to the timeline and ending, this short story would be one that even the KING of sci-fi horror himself would enjoy reading!


From one bookaholic to another, I hope I’ve helped you find your next fix.

Dani's Score out of 5: 📚📚📚📚


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