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Animal Circus 

By Michael Batchelor


Publication Date: October 7th, 2018
Genre: Literary Fiction


Doe’s Circus, one of the last of its kind in Australia. Travelling across the country all year round, thousands of humans visit to revel in the tradition of Dagwood dogs, dodgem cars and the weekend prime time show.  

Yet for the animals locked away in the small confines of the petting zoo, the circus is a neon-lit, human-infested nightmare.

Tormented by the ringmaster and his gang of tyrannical showmen, two pigs, a rooster and a sheep devise a plan to accomplish the impossible―escape the circus.



Thousands of humans, visiting from all across the country to ogle and fondle the animals in their cages. Blinding, flashing lights. Music as mad as a March hare. The game stalls are fixed and the food turns the humans loud and rough. The showmen, all part of a petulant, foul-mouthed family, stink of cigarettes and beer and represent the lowest rung of human society.

Being an orphan of the circus his whole life, Walt was conscripted to be a sideshow act along with an ensemble of various stolen animals. He refuses to accept that he’ll die in Doe’s Circus. One day, he’ll escape.



Author Bio:

Michael Batchelor, born 1991, is an Australian author based on the Gold Coast, Queensland. He graduated from Griffith University in 2011 with a Bachelor of Communications and in 2015, published his first novel, The Red Chilli.

Michael’s greatest joy is to share his stories and ideas with the world. 

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