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Audio Book Extra

Audio Book Extra

 Talking as Fast as I Can: From Gilmore Girls to Gilmore Girls (And Everything in Between)

by Lauren Graham, Narrated by Lauren Graham

I personally love audio books. They’re a great addition for the busy person who doesn’t always have time to sit down and read. I discovered the awesome versatility of audio books when I first got into running a few years ago. I was terrible about getting into my head and would discourage myself easily while running and nothing seemed to help. I almost gave up running completely until I decided to give audio books a try. Best. Decision. Ever.

When I first started listening to audio books I checked them out from my local library. Since I didn’t know if this was going to work for me, I didn’t want to spend a lot of money on an audio book to only listen to the first few chapters and decide it wasn’t right for me, because audio books are expensive! (By the way, if you have some that you’re looking to get rid of, please, donate them to your local library. Most libraries have an audio section and some even have an audio section on their website so you can download them directly to your phone or computer.)

Being the bookworm that I am, I went to the library so I would still have the pleasure of looking through the books, and to get the full fledge experience of the smell. There is no better smell than a book! Well, except maybe babies. 😊

Obviously, I found that audio books work great for me. Not only to run half marathons to, but to listen to on all the car trips I take, cleaning the house and mowing the lawn. Anything that is mundane and boring can be spiced up with a good audio book! While in the beginning I went to the library to obtain my audio books, I found that it added to the hassle: not only would I have to make time to go to the library (which at the time had very inconvenient hours and no parking since it was in downtown Morgantown), but then once I got the book home I would then have to download it onto my computer just to then download it onto my phone (because who has a Walkman these days?! Anyone?). It just became a big hassle. So, I finally bit the bullet and signed up for Audible, which, surprisingly, is very reasonable.

Several audio books into my subscription with Audible, I came across the face of one of my favorite actors: Lauren Graham. I knew that if the book was not only written by her, but also read by her, it was going to be fabulous! And so, Talking as Fast as I Can: From Gilmore Girls to Gilmore Girls (And Everything in Between) was the next purchase I made with Audible, and what a great purchase it was!

Some History:

Talking as Fast as I Can (published in 2016) is Lauren Graham’s second book, her first being Someday, Someday, Maybe (published in 2013, and one that I hope to get to someday, someday, definitely!) Talking as Fast as I Can is a memoir on Lauren’s life of acting with a special emphasis on her role playing Lorelai Gilmore on Gilmore Girls. (FYI, HUGE Gilmore Girls fan sitting right here!!!) Lauren not only wrote Talking as Fast as I Can, but for the audio book edition of it she narrates it too, which makes it even better!

The Synopsis:

Talking as Fast as I Can begins with Lauren Graham introducing herself and her life to those who maybe don’t know her, and reintroducing herself and catching up like old friends with those who do, or who at least feel like they do. (I’m one of the latter, in case you haven't noticed.) She tells you right off that this book is about her reminiscing about her past and how she got to where she is today and how wonderful it was to play Lorelai Gilmore not only the first time, but getting to come back to play her again. (Ooo! I'm so giddy right now!)

She continues with all her quirky stories of playing Dolly Parton in her junior high school play, skipping a grade in school and how it made her drive illegally later. She talks about Hollywood’s diet secrets (but don't tell anyone that she told you about them!), and how going out with a guy that you meet at an award show probably isn’t the best way to start a relationship.

Most of the second half of Talking as Fast as I Can is about Lauren’s role as Lorelai Gilmore. She has a Gilmore Girl marathon of her own and talks about all the things she remembers and explains why things were the way they we’re in certain episodes—the color of her eye shadow, how big her hair is, and how short her skirts are. She talks about the feelings she and the rest of the crew had when they were filming the last episode (not knowing it was the last episode), and what should have been done differently now knowing that it was the end.

When Gilmore Girls was revised by Netflix, she was ecstatic to get to play Lorelai once more. And a question that she has from here on out is, “This ending is almost not like an ending; it’s like a cliff hanger, right? Am I right?!” And no one seems as bothered about it as she does (well, except me and—I’m sure—all other Gilmore Girl fans out there who have seen it!) This time around, Lauren decided to keep a journal throughout her filming of the reboot of Gilmore Girls and she "reads" directly from it to conclude Talking as Fast as I Can.

The Wrap-Up & Review:

(Married) Dean and Rory in a passionate embrace.

(Married) Dean and Rory in a passionate embrace.

Not going to lie, I cried.

A lot.

Multiple times.

I cried from laughing so hard that I couldn’t stand up straight. And I cried because my heart was breaking from Gilmore Girls ending once again (for a third time to me). I loved Lauren in Parenthood and have loved her in just about everything else she’s ever been in, but Gilmore Girls holds a very special place in my heart. I grew up and connected in so many ways with Rory Gilmore (played by Alexis Bledel), that I’m positive that Amy Sherman-Palladino and Dan Palladino—the writers of Gilmore Girls—followed me around and wrote the part of Rory based off my life. Well, except the part where she sleeps with her married ex-boyfriend. I never did that!

I was in the middle of moving when I listened to this book, and a good chunk of it was listened to on the 4-hour car trip to my new home. When Lauren talks about that first (and last time) that she says her famous line, “I smell snow,” I lost it. I started crying so hard that I had to pull over and cry it out for a few minutes. I'm sure Gandalf (my dog), thought I was crazy. The meaning behind that line is so powerful (and something I have always said, too) that it was needed at that time in my life. Good things always come to Lorelai when she gets whiff of that first snow of the year, and I took it as a sign that this move was going to be a good thing, something that hasn’t always been the case with previous moves for me.

Fast paced and witty just like the characters Lauren plays, this book will have you rolling on the floor laughing and bawling your eyes out all within a couple pages of each other. While most of it may not be the best book for those who aren’t Gilmore Girl fans, it is hilarious with some life advice thrown in that’s great for everyone. Lauren tells the story of her life with such enthusiasm and such a fast pace babble that it’s hard to imagine anyone not liking her. And this book does the same thing.

I’m sure that physically reading the book is great in its own way, but I would highly recommend listening to this one to get the whole feel of how Lauren acts and thinks (not to mention the singing!) For anyone who was a fan of Lorelai Gilmore or Sarah Braverman, (Lauren’s character on Parenthood), this book is a must read. And even if you weren’t I think you’ll still find this book full of laughs and good advice.


From one wine-loving bookaholic to another, I hope I’ve helped you find your next fix.

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